How does it really work?

There are three parties involved in the sale and purchase of the house. The Seller, The Buyer and the Agent. The Agent always comes out on top, regardless of how happy the other two parties are!

We don't agree with that!

Our Proposal

We propose to start by agreeing a sale price with the Seller, that they are happy with. We then market the property and identify serious buyers. The sale is then negotiated.

Every pound above the asking price is shared between the parties. Fifty-percent to the seller, Twenty-five percent to the buyer, Twenty-five percent to the Agent.

Traditional agencies typically charge 2% sale fee. On a £300k house, that's £6k. If they sell your £300k house for £280k, they have lost £560 - big deal, they've STILL made £5440 - you've lost £20k

On our model. we sell your £300k house for £299,999 - we make nothing - you pay nothing

We sell your £300k house for £310,000 - you make an extra £5k, the buyer gets £2.5k cashback to help move in, we still only get £2.5k but we're happy which means...


Note: even if the traditional agent sold your house for £310,000 you'd pay them a £6200 fee. Leaving you with £303,800 - with us you get £305,000